V27N1 [February - March 2015] V26N6 [ December 2014 - January 2015 ] V26N5  [October-November 2014] v26-n4 [August-September 2014] v26-n3 [summer 2014]

V27N1 [February - March 2015]

  Share your passion You just have to turn on the television or the radio to revel in the wonderful world we live in with its mixture of economic, political and religious problems. No, it isn’t all fine and dandy in these modern times. So how exactly do you cope with all these bad news? […]

V26N6 [ December 2014 - January 2015 ]

  So why do you play music? Why do you play the drums? Is it for the love of the instrument or for playing in front of an audience? Whatever the reason, the important thing is to do it passionately and put your soul into it. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that nowadays, […]

V26N5 [October-November 2014]

Franck’s editorial… Thank you, drums 20 years ago, I was hit by a neurological health problem. It was serious. I was a very active person and suddenly, I found myself in a hospital room, paralyzed. I was depressed and my future as a drummer seemed doomed. Then, horrible doubt: Am I going to recover enough […]

v26-n4 [August-September 2014]

This issue’s Editorial… It’s Not Bad. It’s Full of Vibe! There’s a saying I heard many years ago: “If it sounds good, it IS good.” Those are some really important words. They don’t just apply to gear, in fact in the original context it was in reference to groove, but that’s another story. As drummers, […]

v26-n3 [summer 2014]

This issue’s Editorial… Canada’s Up And Coming Drummers  In this issue of Drums Etc., we’ve decided to take a look at our teenage Canadian drummers who are starting to make some big waves in the musical community. The drummers we’ve chosen are: Travis Regnier from Abbotsford, Chris Dimas from Regina, Cam Cordoviz from Winnipeg (my […]