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v26-n3 [summer 2014]

This issue’s Editorial… Canada’s Up And Coming Drummers  In this issue of Drums Etc., we’ve decided to take a look at our teenage Canadian drummers who are starting to make some big waves in the musical community. The drummers we’ve chosen are: Travis Regnier from Abbotsford, Chris Dimas from Regina, Cam Cordoviz from Winnipeg (my […]

v26-n2 [spring 2014]

This issue’s Editorial… A Jack Of All Trades The music industry is a scary place. There are no guarantees for your career, no employer to help with health insurance, no stable 9-5, 40 hour a week job to rely on for income. To most, this can be a really scary thing. A lot of people rely […]

v26-n1 [winter 2014]

This issue’s Editorial… A New Year, A Marginally New You 2014 is upon us and for the majority of people that means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. However, for the majority of people those resolutions never really stick. Usually it’s due to setting too lofty or overly ambitious goals. I suggest we all look at smaller, […]

v25-n5 [end of year 2013]

This issue’s Editorial… A Weekend At Montréal Drum Fest Drum Fest weekend has come and gone, *le sigh*.  For the first time, I got to spend some extended time in Montreal and I had a blast. We had performers that stylistically covered an extremely broad spectrum. One can’t help but walk away completely inspired. There […]

v25-n4 [fall 2013]

This issue’s Editorial… How to Make Money from YouTube So, you want to make a cool, easy million bucks and be an online sensation? Well, I can’t help you do that. I can, however, tell you exactly how to start making money from your YouTube account, provided you’re creating your own content and not violating any copyright […]