V27 N6 [December - January 2016] V27 N5 [October - November 2015] V27 N4 [August - September 2015] V27 N3 [June - July 2015] V27-N2  —  April-May 2015

V27 N6 [December - January 2016]

An old saying has died If music is supposed to soothe the mind, I think it is fair to say that some people didn’t get the message. On the nice warm afternoon of Friday November 13th, terrible, bloody and gratuitous violence hit again. It has been done by you know who for reasons we can […]

V27 N5 [October - November 2015]

  A fresh point of view Have you ever heard that a band can only be as good as its drummer? Obviously, this is a bit exaggerated: the other band members are just as important. But people say that because drummers are in charge of the tempo and without good tempo, even the best guitarist […]

V27 N4 [August - September 2015]

  Here’s another brand new edition of Drums Etc that I hope will fulfill your expectations with its pedagogical content and various drumming tips. That being said, I hope that I’ll get to meet you near a stage or in a crowd enjoying the summer and its many thriving festivals. What more can you ask […]

V27 N3 [June - July 2015]

How to survive in the music business Not that long ago, I was thinking about the major changes happening in the music business affecting both the musicians and the manufacturers. Nothing seems to be obvious and we could spend the day trying to find the culprit but I think it’s more important to find solutions. […]

V27-N2 — April-May 2015

Resistance is futile The world is constantly evolving, everything is changing and, like you’ll see in this issue, the way we do things too (teaching among other things). There are a lot of areas in life where change can be seen as an obstacle. Quite often, we’ll see something in a much more negative way […]