v25-n4 [fall 2013]

This issue’s Editorial…

How to Make Money from YouTube

So, you want to make a cool, easy million bucks and be an online sensation? Well, I can’t help you do that. I can, however, tell you exactly how to start making money from your YouTube account, provided you’re creating your own content and not violating any copyright laws. I won’t get into those rules, as there are many. Use your common sense – it needs to be content that you personally created. You can’t pull anything from TV or music and, yes, that includes anything – even content that’s barely in the background.

First, log into your YouTube account. You’re going to need to have at least one eligible video uploaded. Click your name at the top right hand corner of the screen then head into Video Manager. From there, on the left you’ll find Channel Settings > Monetization. Click Enable. Go through the on-screen instructions and pay special attention to the Monetization Agreement. I can’t stress enough how important this is. If you mess around with these rules your account will get disabled from monetization and, worse yet, you’ll be permanently banned from having a Google AdSense account.

Speaking of which, go back to your Channel Settings and click Monetization. Under How Will I Be Paid? you’ll need to associate a Google AdSense account with your YouTube channel. You can create an account right from that screen. Follow the on-screen steps, and Booyah! Easy street! Now just sit back and watch your newfound fortune pour in. By which I, of course, mean watch the cents slowly trickle into your account until you break your first $100 threshold, most likely months from now. At which point you’ll get paid.

Far from being a quick income stream, if you make quality content people want to consume you’ll grow your audience, views and, in turn, your video income will increase exponentially.

Your earnings are derived from clicks on the ads YouTube will place on and beside your videos. When someone clicks on an ad you earn a small percentage of the ad revenue generated.
Have fun!

Aaron Edgar


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